that's how i became a living dead

"please come back."

my words were hanging in the air. i could feel the atmosphere around me grew thicker as the hot chocolate i had made for you on valentine's day. my lungs were grasping for oxygen as there was none left. your deep, brown eyes landed on mine, revealing how heartbroken and vulnerable you were.

"i can't. i'm so sorry."

his answer echoed in my head, creating an orchestra of crumbling heart and pain inside. none of my limbs budged like i commanded them to. i felt numb, the type of numb that sucked all of the life i had, leaving soul hollow and aching terribly.

"why?" my voice cracked like a thin glass, even a little touch would shatter it. "i thought you said you love me too, but why?"

"some things are just not meant to be."

afterwards, everything became a blur. world was no more covered in vibrant colors and soothing melodies. no longer there were scents tickling my nose, or savory flavors that could dance on my tongue. each of my senses faded ever since it felt the absence of your touch on my skin and the lack of your presence in my life.